The talent of our collaborators is the highest value we have. Their knowledge and experience make it possible for us to develop flexible IT projects, working with responsibility, commitment and orientation to the satisfaction of our clients.



Current business dynamics require that companies and organizations remain at the forefront of their products, services and internal processes, where each employee’s activities add a specific value to the institution, and impact on the achievement of the strategic objectives.  Over 15 years of operation, we have received awards and certifications


Recognized internationally for our work in the management of the Jalisco ICT Cluster. An example of this is the Silver Quality Label of the European Initiative for Cluster Excellence, awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), which demonstrates our interest in continuously improving the management, support and coordination of projects and initiatives whose purpose is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Information Technology sector in our State


We have a Social Responsibility program applied to the work team and its lines of business, which generates favorable conditions in the internal processes and daily activity so that our employees are able to be fully developed, balancing their work life with the personnel and raising in this way their productivity and commitment to the competitiveness of IJALTI


In the next 3 years, IJALTI and all its projects are projected to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, which renews the commitment of the General Management in the improvement and renewal of the totality of the processes with which we operate. We seek to operate fully with a documented improvement methodology that follows its procedures to achieve the best results for the continuity of our operations and those of our clients



In addition to being a member of the Assembly and the Board of Directors of IJALTI, our alliance with CANIETI is part of the strategic objective related to the development of the Jalisco ICT Cluster

IT Talent is an example of how both actors have worked together to meet specific human talent needs of IT companies in Jalisco

2002 – Present


To follow the national expansion strategy of the Internet Association, we are representatives of the West Regional Delegation based in the city of Guadalajara.

We serve Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima and Michoacán; we participate in the definition of public policies that promote their activities of electronic commerce and Internet, as well as, in commercial events that benefit to this area of the country

2015 – Present


We are active members of the Consultative Council of the Mexican Technology Platform, through the operation of groups in Jalisco

Proof of this is the coordination of Piloto 9. Red iCluster Jalisco, a project that is derived from the iCluster Committee of Mexico Council – United States of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MUSEIC)

2016 – Present


We are active members of the clusters network that make up the National Council of Clusters of Information Technology Software, mxTI; through which we seek to share experiences and best practices in the regional development of clusters

2016 – Present


State Policy Innovation, Science and Technology, led by SICyT, specifically the slope of Digital Inclusion, has been largely operated by IJALTI, through the coordination of policy initiatives such as Agenda Digital Jalisco, projects such as the State Network eJalisco, and Punto Jalisco Abierto

2012 – 2015